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Wealth, Wisdom and Goodness
Your life-long trusted Investment Manager
About Us
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Our Mission:


With deep knowledge and broad global investment experience, we manage our clients' assets in a flexible and dynamic fashion.

Our goal is to ensure that our clients' financial future is on the right optimal track to success.  


Protection of Wealth 

It requires a great deal of boldness and a great deal of caution to make a great fortune, and when you got it, it takes ten times as much wit and wisdom to keep it.         

by Nathan Mayer Rothschild 

Company Profile

Company Name     

Fujiwara Capital Advisors Pte. Ltd.


350 Orchard Road, #19-02 Shaw House, Singapore 238868

Incorporation date

12 June 2007

License No.


CEO Message
CEO Message

Wealth, Wisdom and Goodness


Over the years, our economy and financial markets have experienced many cycles, booms, and busts. 

Indeed, some of the crises are not limited to financial markets. As we have seen throughout history, wars and revolutions have also destructed wealth, city and life.

And yet, even in those moments, wealth is being created by the bold and the young who strive to seek innovation and new technologies, which in return, creates new opportunities. 


How can we create and preserve the wealth in times of turbulence and uncertainty?


Our answer is to be both bold and cautious enough to take good risks.

We learn a recipe of success and failure from history and from there we acquire new skills and test new ideas to adapt ourselves to a constantly changing environment. We are learning every day and keep developing our wisdom to make a sound investment judgment at any given time with confidence.


How then do we gain our client's trust, which never comes easy? 


We win our clients' trust by listening to our clients and their stories. 

We not only listen to our clients' experiences but also aim to understand our clients' goals in life.

We discuss our methods and process meticulously because we want our clients to understand what we do, how we do it, and why we do it. 

It is only through step-by-step, sincere and passionate discussion and communication that we gain the trust of our clients.


Our relationships with clients are very professional, and yet at the same time, quite personal.

And goodness is a required ingredient for establishing these relationships.

As a company, we shall continuously and actively strive for cultivating goodness together with our clients and with ourselves.


Clients' success is not only our goal but it is our ultimate obsession.

Success takes time and we need to be patient and that we are.


With wisdom, patience, and goodness, we are confident that we will go beyond where our clients aspire to be. 


​Chief Executive Officer

​Tetsuichi Fujiwara

Our Team
Our Team

Tetsuichi Fujiwara



Nomura Securities Co Ltd (Japan)


MBA from Tuck School at Dartmouth College​

​2000 -

Nomura Singapore Pte Ltd

​2004 -

Merrill Lynch International Bank Ltd 

​2007- Present:

Founded Fujiwara Capital Advisors Pte. Ltd.

More than 20 year career of wealth management.

Certified Member of The Japanese Securities Analysts Association



Megumi Okamoto

Executive Director

(Back Office)


Daiwa Securities Co. Ltd 

Capital Markets Division, Equity Syndicate Team


MUFG Bank (formerly The Bank of Tokyo-Mitsubishi UFJ Ltd.) Singapore Branch,

Asia Investment Banking Division, Planning Team


Fujiwara Capital Advisors Pte. Ltd.


Takeaki Fujimoto

Senior Vice President



Sales in Nomura Securities Co. Ltd


Private Banker in Nomura Singapore


Private Banker in Credit Suisse Securities (Japan) Ltd


Private Banker in Credit Suisse (Singapore) Ltd


Marketing in Fujiwara Capital Advisors Pte. Ltd


Orie Takazawa

Vice President

(Research & Execution Trader)


Sales, Nomura securities Co.Ltd,


MBA from Birmingham Business School


Investment Counselor in Bank of Singapore (Singapore) Ltd


Fujiwara Capital Advisors Pte. Ltd.

Certified Member of The Japanese Securities Analysts Association

​Certified Financial Technician



Nhan Chi Phan



KPMG, Senior in Audit


Vietbridge Capital, Analyst


Fujiwara Capital Advisors Pte. Ltd.



Loo Lay Hua



Fujiwara Capital Advisors Pte. Ltd.

Responsible for office work as back office assistant.


We offer Managed Account Service and Hedge Fund 

Managed Account
Managed Account

Tailor-made solution. We manage clients' accounts on their behalf.​

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Fujiwara Global Fund

We invest in various financial products globally.

What is Hedge Fund ?
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350 Orchard Road,#19-02 Shaw House,

Singapore 238868

TEL: (+65) 6836 3602


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